Industry regulations are becoming increasingly strict
Failure to comply may have serious consequences
Cooling tower cleaning results in significant energy savings
Help fight against water borne pathogens, such as Legionella

Are your cooling towers industry compliant?

According to The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Technical Manual, all cooling towers should be thoroughly cleaned a minimum of twice per year.

​Governmental agencies and industry regulatory bodies worldwide have been adopting increasingly stringent standards and guidelines that hold organizations and facility managers responsible for cooling tower hygiene. Optimize your manpower and improve your operating efficiency while at the same time documenting your facilities compliance with the safe water treatment practices recommended by OSHA, CTI, AWT, CDC and ASHRAE by allowing Northeast Coil to meet these requirements and exceed your expectations.

Northeast Coil provides written certification that your towers have been professionally cleaned in strict accordance with OSHA recommendations.

Cooling tower cleaning can also result in huge energy savings through higher heat transfer efficiencies. It is estimated that lowering the condenser water cooling tower return temperature by one degree improves chiller efficiency by up to 3%. Maintaining a clean cooling tower results in colder water being delivered to the chiller, increasing overall plant efficiency and at the same time reducing the workload on your chiller or refrigeration equipment.

Our Services

Our Cooling Tower Cleaning process aims to minimize microbiological growth which leads to scaling, corrosion and sludge. These biofilms reduce heat transfer efficienceis and promote ideal conditions for Legionella and other dangerous bacteria.

Manufacturing & Power Plants

Large power plants and production facilities depend on clean cooling towers to ensure waste heat is dissipated effectively so that cooling systems can maintain efficient machine operations.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals, outpatient centers and research labs require stringent cooling tower maintenance to ensure optimal airflow within cooling systems and eliminate dangerous conditions that enable rapid proliferation of legionella.

Universites & High-rises

Universities, office buildings and residential high-rises are among our top clients. Preventative cooling tower maintenance ensures a safe and comfortable environment for students, employees and residents.


We believe that preventative maintenance shouldn’t feel like an inconvenience for our clients. This why  our unique process allows us to maintain these systems with minimal shutdown time.