A dirty condenser will trap heat inside your cooling system

Our unique cleaning process allows us to clean almost any condenser coil with nothing more than water. Many methods of coil cleaning rely on harsh chemicals to dissolve the dirt and debris that build up in a condenser coil. Northeast Coil uses a moderate pressure and high flow system to flush away most contaminants with out water only cleaning.

Consume less energy & keep costs down
Prevent compressor failure
Save man hours and costly equipment repairs
Ensure cooling system efficiency

Our Services

An unkempt condenser will trap heat within your cooling system and require higher energy consumption from the compressor. Our unique cleaning process will optimize airflow so that your cooling system compressor consumes less energy, resulting in improved system efficiency overall.

Manufacturing & Power Plants

Large power plants and production facilities rely on condensers to ensure system efficiency and keep key pieces of equipment cool so that machine operations run smoothly.

Hospitals & Patient Care Centers

Hospitals, outpatient centers and research labs require clean condensers to ensure optimal airflow within cooling systems to keep patients comfortable and energy costs down.

Commercial & Residential Buildings

Universities, office buildings and residential high-rises with large cooling systems are among our top clients.


We believe that preventative maintenance shouldn’t feel like an inconvenience for our clients. Our unique cleaning process allows us to clean rack style horizontal condensers without shutting the equipment off, an industry first! This means we can work independently of your technicians and the cooling of your space can continue with zero interruptions!