There are no shortcuts in safety, no compromises, no off days. Not when it comes to your business, not when it comes to lives. Which is why we put so much thought, training and analysis into the people we hire. Our team members create value by encouraging and coaching safe behaviors.


The Quality of our people drives the quality of the services we provide. Our team members create value by encouraging and coaching safe behaviors.


We've developed a strong client base by addressing the specific needs of refrigeration and air conditioning systems with our impeccable attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism.
It makes all the difference when the job is done right the first time

Our company strives to build working relationships with our clients, maximizing their return on investment (ROI), and leaving them with the cleanest, most efficient systems possible.

We Put Safety First

Safety never takes a sideline at any job site. Northeast Coil is comitted to fostering a safe and healthful work environment.  Each job is throughly planned and has hazards assessed prior to the start of work.

Safety Compliance

We supply our technicians with the equipment and training they need to ensure job-site safety and compliance with OSHA requirements.

Service Reports

We document each piece of equipment and provide clients with comprehensive service reports that can be reviewed via our cloud based storage system.

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We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional attitude and behavior in every aspect of our business. Our customer first philosophy is represented by every member of our staff, in everything we do.